ROMS hosts first-ever middle school ‘Fall Ball’

K. Brown and S. Batres

Party Scene

ROMS Cheerleaders will host the school’s first Fall Ball this Friday from 6:30 – 8:30 in the main gym. Only Red Oak Middle School students (all grades) are allowed to attend.

ROMS hasn’t had a school dance in more than a decade. In fact, over 10 years ago, “Red Oak Middle School” didn’t even exist. We were Red Oak Junior High. Even so, no one has hosted a dance in recent history. That ends Friday, October 5.

Rumors of the dance began swirling around campus back in May, with the introduction of new principal, Howard Gatewood. The rumors were confirmed as fact in September, and ROMS Hawks had a mouthful to say about the history-making event.

“It’s pretty cool how they’re setting up a dance for the middle school,” eighth grader Zariyah Perry said. “I hope it’s like the movies where everyone is having fun and a dance battle is involved.

Priya York, also an eighth grader, completely disagrees. She believes the dance is dumb and that it’s unnecessary for kids our age.


“We should wait until an actual dance in high school, like homecoming,” York explained. “This dance will be lame,and if I do go, I will be wearing joggers or my pajamas.”

One ROMS seventh grader, who asked to remain anonymous, plans to be a people-watcher Friday night. He’s waiting to see how “crazy” his peers act without their parents around.  “Some people only go to act crazy and act like they have no home training,” the student predicted.  “These Red Oak kids think they’re ‘all that’ without their parents around… Embarrassing their parents, acting like they weren’t raised right.”

Eustace Davis is hopeful that the dance will be a positive event. “The dance is a great place where we can express our emotions and feelings for each other,” Davis shared.

As excited as some students appear to be about this first ever Fall Ball, there are a couple of things students need to remember. To get into the dance you will need your student ID and $5.

There is a required dress code. You have to wear school appropriate attire, but there are signs posted asking students to wear their “Sunday Best.” Morning announcements even say that the dance is “semi-formal.”

Students who choose to wear dresses or skirts: dresses must be two inches above the knees or longer, no long slits and no “exposing” clothing. Students who are unsure of what to wear can take pictures of their outfit and show administrators to be on the safe side.

As an added bonus, the event DJ is taking requests. Hawks will be able to scan a QR code on the posters throughout campus and at at the dance and send in their song suggestions. This is certainly a technology first for a Red Oak Middle or Junior High School dance.

There will be food being sold at the concession stands. It’s wise to bring extra money just in case students get hungrier than expected after showing their skills out on the dance floor. 

 The cheerleaders (and cheer coach Mrs. Schwieger) are sponsoring and organizing the whole dance.


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