Most dangerous weather phenomenon

A. Williams, Staff Writer, Meterologist

Picture by CNN
Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters.

 Weather is everywhere and always changing in one way or another.It can never be fully understood due to everyday there is something new to discover.This might seem surprising to some,but floods and droughts kill more people over time then tornadoes , hurricanes, or earthquakes.

Research done by Live Science shows that droughts and floods kill more people yearly than all other natural disasters.There are ways to predict a hurricane or tornado, but with a drought it happens over time and some are unprepared for it. Crops die from extreme heat and people start to starve due to famine.

Flash floods are sometimes unpredictable and the death toll recently has been on the rise. They kill more than 100 people a year – more than any other single weather hazard. It only takes 18 inches of water to make a vehicle float in water. Most people die because they underestimate the power of the water and their vehicles get swept away. 

The reason for the death toll growing is due to the population of people in flood prone areas growing dramatically.