The Adventure Awaits: Beautiful Scenery

B. Morrow, Photographer

Aloha! By far, most students chose Hawaii to be the most peaceful and beautiful state. Most populated city in Hawaii, Honolulu, is home to many people as well as toured many times throughout the year. So sit back and let the breeze take you away.

    Maui is an amazing island located in the Central Pacific. Its beach is actually one of the most visited beaches in the world. Many people visit the Maui beach for a peaceful vacation trip. Imagine laying along the beach drinking your juice with a coconut as the cup and filling the wind fly in your hair.

    Although Maui is a peaceful beach, it actually has a volcano, Haleakalā, located towards the eastern part forming more than 75% of Maui’s island. People of  Hawaii look at it as more than a legend than a monster. So they don’t let it keep them from their hobbies such as surfing and hula dancing.

    Next time you are thinking about relaxing at the beach, think of Maui, Hawaii. It is filled with many amazing journeys waiting for you.