JV Hawkette and Cheer teams

A. Crozier, General Assignment/News Editor

  • New addition to rohs, jv cheer and drill teams.


As some of us may know, Red Oak High School Drill/Cheer are bringing JV teams starting 2018-19 school years. These JV teams will help with students deciding whether or not they want to pursue these electives. They allow the students to experience what it will be like on the varsity team. Most of the things that the JV teams will do are the exact same as the Varsity team but team members just won’t have to be as committed.

For the Hawkette JV team, the members will be enrolled in the Fifth period class, and not have early morning practices, as the Varsity team does. The tryout dance for JV will be close to the same as the Varsity team. They choose the new team members that fall under the 40 mark break. Only 9-11th graders are allowed on the JV team. Graduating seniors are not allowed on the Varsity team.