Kitty Korner: Are cats smarter than dogs?

A Crozier, News editor

ARE cats smarter than dogs? You can tell who’s smarter by looking at the structure of the animal’s brain. The cat brain makes up 0.9 percent of its total body mass, while a dog brain makes up to 1.2 percent of its total body mass. But brain size doesn’t have to determine intelligence levels.

Scientists have shown that the cerebral cortex in the brain is responsible for all the things made to show intelligence. After many years of studies, the data began to show how intelligent dogs are, having the ability to sort objects into categories, and other numerous tests.

Studies have shown cats don’t have the same amount of information to determine their intelligence. There is a lack of data regarding cat information, mainly because it can be difficult to work with cats. But studies have shown that cats are able to distinguish between different amounts of objects, an ability also shown with fish. At the same time, cats have shown the ability to follow pointing gestures just like dogs can. 

According to an article by David Grimm on, cats can be a pain to work with. A comparative psychologist at the University of Padova in Italy did an experiment with cats. It involved placing three dots over a desirable object and two over an undesirable object. He said when the cats arrived to help with the experiment, most of them freaked out and didn’t want to cooperate. He then only ended up with four cats, and they were also a pain to work with. “Very often, they didn’t participate in the experiment or they walked in the wrong direction,” he said. He concluded that the cats worried more about size, than number.

Who would you say is smarter?