Mena reaches out, offers opportunities for ROMS students to do the same

B. Morrow, Photographer

ROMS  counselor Jennifer Mena is a very caring person and is almost always available for students. She is always busy helping students with their education or even  with a personal life situation. She reaches out to each and every student making sure that they feel safe.

She has always been wanting to pursue a career in the educational field. Before being a counselor at Red Oak Middle School this year, she was a children’s pastor, then a teacher. Ms. Mena enjoys the benefit of getting to see her daughter, Arianna Mena, throughout the day. She has a very good relationship with her family and likes to spend time with them.

When she is not at work Ms. Mena usually goes for a run and drives her kids around to their outside activities including sports. Her hobbies include field hockey, running, and drinking coffee.  For breakfast, oatmeal with blackberries are usually the go to meal.

Ms. Mena supports students’ right to protest. She believes that the 2018 student protests of the school shootings are encouraging. “It’s good to see the wide age variety actually stand up for what they believe in,” she explained.