“Marley and Me”

K Salas, Staff writer

“Marley & Me”, is a very emotional, tear jerker movie for sure. It is in my opinion one of my favorite movies by equalizing the amount of goofiness and tenderness

A newlywed couple, John Grogan and his spouse Jenny Grogan, (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) leave Michigan and relocate their life to Florida where they start their lives together. Soon after, they adopt the playful, yellow lab, we know as Marley. He grows into a spoiled misbehaved pet but they put up with it, because he holds the growing family together.

A-lister, Jennifer Aniston did an astonishing job portraying the typical tired mom who’s constantly stressed, while as well, struggling financially and just overall balancing everything without failing as a mother/wife. Co-star Owen Wilson also personated his character very well.

What is there to dislike about this movie? This cinematic masterpiece has made its way to my heart. I love and appreciate the sentimental goofiness that peaked through during this wholesome film. For example, Marley attended an obedience class because he was honestly just such a nuisance at first, so they figured they could easily just fix him up with some pooch obedience classes, which didn’t work so well .Marley just absolutely warms your heart as a puppy, even as he matures with their growing family. I truly loved this movie.

I feel as if the message is to just appreciate life and what is given to you. The story of this particular movie is just beautiful, as to showing the progression of their family, and Marley just really holding everyone together.

Who wouldn’t love this movie? I first watched this movie as a 6 year old so I genuinely think if you love dogs and more sensitive flicks, you would really enjoy this movie. I mean it’s only rated PG! It’s a very lovely, true to life, motion picture.

I definitely give this an A+. In my opinion, this film is very original and creative.

8th grader Kya Salas, enjoys singing in the shower, thinking out loud, contemplating for hours each night,cleaning her room, doing makeup and hair, and being a home body.

Photo credit: Barry Wetcher
Marley shows contrition after committing some household mischief.