Everything wrong with Instagram “comedians”

As a woman in 2018 I am absolutely shocked that today’s generation has let the sexualization of women come so far. I feel like everywhere I go and everywhere I look I find pictures, videos, and even writing circulating the internet with disrespectful language and intentions with a sexual nature guided towards women. From “funny” vines, to explicit tweets, it has gotten out of control.

My biggest problem by far are the so called “instagram comedians”. These comedians such as King Bach, Amanda Cerny, DeStorm Power, and Steven Spence make a living off of exploiting women for comedy. The worst I have come across by far is no other then Steven Spence, A.K.A. Esteban. Esteban is a character Steven came up with for his Instagram skits. His character is a man who preys on women telling them he is their doctor, personal trainer, mover, etc. The catch to Estebon  is that he uses these “jobs” as excuses to be sexual with the women without their consent, then disappearing like nothing happened. From making a woman do squats on his face, to getting a woman to lift weights while he very closely “watches” behind her, he is the ultimate pervert. Stevens fans have argued that the women in the skits give consent beforehand, which is very true, however it is still not a valid excuse to treat sexual harassment as “comedy”. Favoring sexual acts without consent is not comedy, and should not be treated as such. In reality it is an uncomfortable and frightening experience no one wants to go through.

Young kids who can be easily influenced watch these videos and perceive them as being “hilarious” and “totally relatable”. If children think its okay for adults to do these types of behaviors then they will grow up with the same principles. It’s not okay for women to be put in a position of sexual property rather than being a human being. Sexual harassment is not a joke, is not funny, and should be taken seriously.