The Adventure Awaits

B Morrow, Staff writer, Photographer

Have you ever wondered where the best place for your adventurous personality is? Worry no more, I will be informing you of all about our top voted, Colorado.

Located near Colorado Springs, Ouray (pronounced YOU-Ray) is an amazing place filled with many adventures. It has very cold and snowy winters, which is great for snowmobiling, ice climbing, skiing, hiking, and snowboarding. You could treat yourself to a warm hot chocolate at one of many of their popular restaurants including four-star Brickhouse and Bon Ton.

During summers Ouray has even more exciting journeys. You could speed up to 40 miles per hour and fly 200 feet above the canyon floor below, just like

 I did! There is also river rafting, horse trails through the rocky mountains and the hot springs.

Ouray attracts many visitors throughout the year and is an amazing place for great adventurous for vacation time. It is filled with opportunities you won’t want to pass up!

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