A house divided… is still full of the best action heroes

J. Jackson, Assistant Managing Editor

Captain America Civil War is one of the best PG-13 action movies of all time! I’ve seen this movie and I have some amazing opinions! First of all, I liked how the superheroes got to be chosen on a side, similar to the 2018 NBA ALL-STAR GAME. This is a marvel movie so it has all the superheroes we know and love. This movie is unique because they fight each other instead of their enemies! The main characters are Captain America and Ironman. The main characters start to envy each other and start to pick heroes for their team to fight against each other. Spiderman did amazing considering that he was the youngest amongst the heroes. He acted like a newbie and played his role very well. Captain America always acted like a superb leader and stayed serious no matter what happened. I learned that even though you and another person have similarities, you may not agree on everything! The type of people that will like this movie are the people that are interested in comic books and action movies. I wouldn’t recommend it to the people that are into romantic comedies, because it has no type of romantic scenes. I give this movie a 5/5 rating because of the acting, storyline and because I love Marvel movies.

Jayden Jackson is a 7th grade basketball player that attends RED OAK MIDDLE SCHOOL, he also likes to go outside and doesn’t have a hard time making friends. He would also like to attend Baylor University!