The Unexpected Millenial: Discrimination in our world

S. Murthy, Managing Editor

In this world, at this time, we all face a plethora of vile discrimination. In school, and basically every other public place, we face religious discrimination. Maybe religion makes people uncomfortable.  Maybe they disagree with certain parts of a friend’s beliefs. No matter what, religion is a subtlety that many times goes unnoticed. It is a part of everyday life and some people even choose to make it their life’s work.

In 2004, a young man was given a divinity scholarship. Around the same time, the Supreme Court passed a bill stating that students studying theology, will be denied the privilege of receiving a divinity scholarship from the state. After they found that he was studying theology to become a minister, they revoked his scholarship and took back the money they granted him. Maybe they wanted to reinforce the idea that became Rhode Island; separation of church and state. Maybe they forgot that our country was built on religious freedom. Thankfully, there are religious colleges and universities that have created their own scholarships, and provide them to their students.

Mrs.Packard is a popular play (written by Emily Mann in 2013, based on a true story) in the world of theatre, and the plot includes religious and gender discrimination between family.

Mrs.Packard disagrees with her husband, a minister, and decides to make sure he understands that. She told him so in the middle of a church service, and then crossed the street to worship with the Methodists. Soon enough, Reverend Packard decides to proclaim that she’s insane, and admits her to an asylum, where she’s separated from her 6 children.

During her stay in the asylum, she falls into forbidden love with the doctor, and he with her. She pleads her case during an event to some visitors at the asylum, and shows them she’s sane. She goes home because she told the doctor the truth about the mental asylum,- that the patients are mistreated instead of treated- so he releases her and claims she’s gone off the rails (to keep his secrets safe). Her husband then takes her home and imprisons her there. One of her neighbors finds out, and they go to court where she’s finally declared sane and free to spend time with her kids.

This all happened because of a disagreement between two people’s beliefs, and the fact that back then, men had the upper hand. This shows that there’s so much discrimination in the world, and gives examples of both religious and gender discrimination.

If we want to keep the gentle balance going without adding more fuel to keep the fire of conflict burning, then we shouldn’t make decisions conflicting both sides of the situation. Discrimination is everywhere. So beware, and make careful conscious choices. Bad ones won’t fare well in the long run.