Kitty Korner: Kitty Boo

A. Crozier, News Editor

Kitty Boo is my cat. I’ve had her for three years, and her birthday month is September, the same month as me. She is a grey and white cat and I have no idea who her parents are. Yes, my darling – and stubborn – cat was once an orphan. Since we don’t have any clue about her parents, I don’t know what kind of cat she is. But that’s okay.

Like me, Kitty Boo loves to eat food 3,000 times a day and loves sleeping. She likes to watch bird videos and falls asleep to relaxing music. Every time I come home she greets me at the door with a warm “meow” and walks to the kitchen for food. She loves to catch bugs and eat them, and hates baths (like every other cat). I’ve tried to give her baths before, but she just did not like it.  She likes to attack my dog after she has a bath. Sometimes she does it just because she’s bored.

She’s had two litters of kittens in the same year and has had about 12 children. She loves getting warm by the fireplace and lying in the sun. She slaps me with her tail when she’s on my bed with me, and when she’s tired she crawls under my blanket.