The Sphynx cat

A. Crozier , News Editor

The Sphynx cat is the bald cat you sometimes see in movies with the bad guys. They can look like little aliens because their hairless feature came from a natural mutation. The cats originated in Toronto, Canada and made their appearance about a century ago.

When born, the cats natural features can have any color, and design. Instead of having a body full of hair, the cat has a leather-like coat to keep it warm. They may sleep under a blanket or lie in the sun most of the time to stay warm. Its large, round eyes and wrinkled face make it seem like it’s a friendly alien. Having little to no fur can cause the cat to not be able to absorb normal body oils. Because of that, you would have to give it periodic baths, and ear and nail cleaning. These cats are also a reference to the giant limestone sculpture in the egyptian desert.