On the Right “Track”: Is stretching really that important?

M. Menefee, Staff Writer, Business Manager

M. Menefee
Business Manager, Staff Writer

Stretching is extremely important if you’re an athlete. Pulling a muscle isn’t fun, and to avoid this you need to stretch before performing any physical activity.

I stretch in the morning after I wake up, and at night to be sure that I stay flexible. I never knew how important it was to 

do this everyday until I ended up getting hurt during practice. I pulled my groin, hurt my upper hip, my hamstring, and my toe all because I didn’t take the time to stretch. Now that I’ve learned my lesson I know how important it is to stretch.

I have to do more complex stretches that my chiropractor recommended, but regular stretches do great help by themselves. Also, stretching improves your overall performance in whatever sport you play. If you’re flexible in track then you will be able to run faster due to being able to reach your knees higher than if you didn’t stretch. This is needed to reach your ultimate speed. Stretching is important for anybody and for any sport.

If you don’t stretch there could be major consequences, so be sure to take the precautions needed, and take out some extra time during the day to stretch.