CB’s Fashion Show: Animals for jackets – is that cruelty or just fashion?

C. Blanco, Staff Writer, Layout Editor

Coats and jackets: They come many different sizes and colors. Jackets can do a couple of things; they can keep you warm or they can just be used for fashion.

Many famous people including Chanel, Kendall Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez wear these jackets. These jackets have amazing comfort and keep you warm during the winter. There are so many ways to style them!

Even if this is the latest fashion trend many animals are getting killed just to make these jackets. These animals include polar bears, black and brown bears, wolves, rabbits and red foxes. Two of these animal species are even going extinct: They are the polar bear and red fox species.If this fashion trend doesn’t soon we are going to risk losing two well loved species.

The question to ask at the end of the day is, is it really worth it to wear precious skin just for fashion?