On the Right “Track”: Are you an elite athlete?

M. Menefee, Staff Writer, Business Manager


Being an athlete has so many different titles. There are athletes that could care less what they’re doing, the conceited

athletes, the negative athletes, the athletes that think friends are more important than the sport they love, or even

an elite athlete. My dad and teammates like to think of me as an elite athlete. An elite athlete is an athlete with

potential, hard work, dedication, commitment, honor, and an all around athlete. This is someone that can do a lot of

different sports even if it’s not the one they truly dominate in. For example my sport is track, but yet I can play

basketball, gymnastics, dance, etc. Even though those aren’t track I still would give all of them 110% and try my best to succeed in it. The most important thing

about track is focus.

 My dad tells me all the time that EVERY sport is ALWAYS going to be mentally challenging more than physically.

Your mind controls you and so if you think “I can’t do this, I don’t want to do this, this is hard,” then your mind will

make it hard. That’s why it’s so important for you to have a positive mindset especially if you’re elite. Yes, an athlete has to  risk so many things like hanging out with friends.  But think of it like this: Would you rather do amazing with something you love and have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do it, or hang out with friends knowing you can do that any other time?

Being an athlete has so many risks you must take, but are you willing to risk things in order to succeed?