A child’s education matters

E. Garcia, Social Media Manager


A school is an institution for education for children usually ages four to 18. Going to school is a big responsibility. Have you ever asked yourself why you really have to attend school, or why it necessary?

Without education you would not know anything in life. Education is important because it helps you develop a unique visual. Education is the key to success. Without education you will find it hard to succeed in life.

For one thing, the more education and experience the more money the student will make during their life. School prepares you for the future such as, it helps you set up goals and help you decide what to do for college. Education gives out knowledge for the world which affects the human body. These are all really important skills,and can be used everyday.

Once you graduate high school the education you got over the past four years will still help you throughout life. You will always need reading in life, even when your just driving to your house you may have to read signs to know what directions you can and can’t go. Let’s not forget math, going to the grocery store requires you to count the money the cashier asks for. Without the education that school provides you, you would not be able to write nor count money.


Education is a must for any sort of progress in the modern world as the workplace is very competitive environment that requires individuals who know how to handle themselves academically and in a professional setting. I believe that students need a basic sense of education and schooling, but once a child is of a reasonable age I believe that they should be able to choose their own sense of direction and purpose.