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Should Formal Education be Required?

B. Brock, Senior Staff Writer, Staff Photographer

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From learning about fractions, to reading Shakespeare, to  comparing reactants, your education is a vital part of life, and is used right in front of you everyday, and you may not even realize it!  Going to school should be required throughout a child’s life to ensure ethical and intelligent decision making throughout adulthood.

Depending on the teacher/professor, your learning experiences can be interesting, as well as engaging. After graduation your education is a critical part of your career, and in many instances, it is required that you have a minimum amount of k-12 education in order to take on the job. Even after your career comes to an end, the material you learned from school is still useful in everyday life.

At school young children learn to read and write, which is a vital component in basic communication. If we were not taught simplistic life skills such as this, then we would fall behind as a nation. Without a proper education, elected officials wouldn’t have the knowledge of running a country, doctors wouldn’t have the knowledge of curing the sick, and officers wouldn’t have the knowledge to abide by the constitution.

I’m sure you’re thinking “maybe if we established a system in which the students themselves had an option, then everyone would be happy.” Well more students would feel satisfied with their choices, but that’s the problem- students would feel satisfied with their choices. If we give them a choice, then how many children and teens do you really think would wake up early and choose to go to school everyday? Close to zero.

The truth is that if children didn’t go to school, then they have a higher chance of falling behind on valuable life skills that students catch on quickly. Therefore, not getting a complete k-12 education shouldn’t even be questioned. We need and value our knowledge to grow as a stronger nation.

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Should Formal Education be Required?