You’ll never know if you never try

M Menefee , Buisness Manager, Staff Writer

M. Menefee

Trying in life is really a life or death situation. You either choose to chase your dreams and achieve your goals, or you let your dreams go to waste and decide to

 just settle for anything. Everyone should try in life, hands down. No one should be satisfied with just anything. Having that “I don’t care, it’s whatever,” type of attitude is not okay whatsoever.

“Dying on the inside, but outside looking fearless,” A quote said by the iconic actor and rapper Tupac Shakur in his song “Keep Ya Head Up.” is basically saying, even when you want to give up, you still have to get out and keep on living. Even when times are tough, still try! Everyone has those days where they don’t want to wake up, but that shouldn’t stop you for achieving greatness.  You just have to get past all of that pain and anger. Sometimes I even feel like I want to give up when things get tough, but do you think I do? No, because I have too much to live for. You have too much to live for. We all have so much to live for and we shouldn’t just give up because things get too hard or you’re just tired.  If only everyone knew you only live once. You can’t just take life for granted, life to me is extremely precious. One bad thing can change you, just like one good thing can change you. If everyone gave up then just imagine everything we won’t have in life.

Thomas Edison would have never perfected the lightbulb, Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve never fought for equal rights, Rosa Parks would’ve never gave up her seat, and Harriet Tubman would have never invented the underground railroad if they would have given up because life got to hard. This is why we need to try in life because of such big things we can accomplish. Even our former president Barack Obama said, “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking… eventually you’ll make progress.” He has been through a lot with people trying to make him give up because of his skin color. But did he let that stop him? No, because he didn’t care about what they thought. Honestly, what do you think you’ll benefit from if you give up?

Giving up just makes you look weak and makes it seem like you can’t handle when times get tough. But the thing is in order for you to master life you just have to believe in yourself. Believe you can do it, believe when times get hard you won’t give up, you will try. If you think like this then you will get somewhere and life. I truly understand why people would want to give up. Because people are calling them ugly, making fun of them, feel like they have nothing to live for, feel as if their situation is just too much to handle, or they will blame their childhood for why they gave up. Yes, these might have a factor, but you can’t let that define you. If you have haters and people that put you down, then you’re doing something right. I know thats just messed up, but it’s just life and in life you can’t control what happens. Try, try, try!!!! That’s all I ask of you. Life’s too short for you to just give up. You have a purpose in life. Even if you can’t find it right now, it’s still there. You just have to keep trying to find it.