Kids and profanity shouldn’t mix

B. Morrow, Staff Writer

    Schools should feel like a safe environment for students, but inappropriate language choice doesn’t make it seem that way. The world all around is already incompetent enough, cursing doesn’t make it any better. I feel that cursing is unnecessary and should not be aloud.

    The words that you say can affect someone in a powerful way! Mean words leads to bullying. Maybe not even physically, but mentally. You may not know that you hurt someone but to them their minds were destroyed.

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    On the other hand, multiple people cursing at each other can lead to fights. Fights can cause hospital visits, DAEP, or depending on how aggressive, jail. Fights are increasing in and out of school all over the globe.

    Cursing can affect someone’s actions and respect for one another, even the respect students have on their parents and teachers. If inappropriate language keeps happening then this world will become more and more dangerous by the second. More fights, students getting expelled or sent to DAEP, and jail time will occur  quite often.

    In my opinion, showing students who attend to schools all over should be shown videos or talk to  people who have been affected by this. That should change the way that they feel. This is at least a solution to bad language at schools. People should act more professional and respect one another. Bad language isn’t helping.