Dreams, inspiration drive ROMS Lady Hawks basketball team

Bre’yanna,Alexxa, and kelana are a few amazing basketball player for Red Oak Middle school.

Kathy Castillo, Staff Writer, Executive Editorial Assistant

Bre’yunna  Blakley starting playing at age 12, taught by her brother and her dad. She sees herself in 10 years still playing basketball, with a goal of becoming an MVP player. What makes Blakely keep moving forward and motivated her is her family. Her role model is Kyrie Ervin because he dribbles well.

Every day, athletics class starts at 8:00 warming up with crossovers and drills. Blakely describes her team as “amazing” – when they do their part. She describes teammate Madison Ruiz as an athlete who has potential. Wynter Jones is amazing, Blakely explained emphatically, while fellow “baller” Kaliana is aggressive (in a good way).

Blakely, also named ROMS Student of the Month earlier this school year, has many hobbies including, of course, basketball, video games, and texting.

There are at least two future WNBA hopefuls on the ROMS Lady Hawks basketball team.  Keilana is the second.  She first starting playing basketball when she was just three years old. Her dad was her first coach, teaching her the basics, like how to dribble. Her father was an overseas basketball player.  

Her inspiration is celebrated athlete Lebron James. Keilana in 10 years still wants to play basketball but professionally.  Things that motivate keilana is her coach and her family. Warm-ups that keilana does in basketball are running sweet sixteens under 1 minute and 40 seconds.  Also doing crossovers and plays. She describes her teammates as Alexxa-fast  Bre- needs to watch her from because she could hit someone in the face  Zarah-needs to look up  Winter-good  Mckenzie- She is tall so it’s good to be able to catch the rebounds Madison-Needs to train a little bit more. Keilana hobbies are all sport, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, golf and more. Keilana describes her coach she is nice but if you push her over it won’t be good.

Alexxa Carrington is another skilled athlete at ROMS. She started playing basketball at eight years old. Instead of having a family member or coach show her the basic skills, Carrington taught herself how to play the game. Her role model is Alex Morgan, Carrington says, because she’s the “best female soccer player’’.  This Lady Hawk does not see herself playing ball a decade from now, but one thing that motivates Carrington is her future.  Alexxa describes her team ‘’They (her teammates) can be aggressive if they want to,” Carrington said. “Motivating makes them better’.”

Carrington’s main hobby is soccer. Yes, she is considering joining the high school soccer team. Carrington describes her coach as she can be nice, very confident and very trustworthy.