Movie Review: The Emperor’s New Groove

B. Humphreys, Staff Writer

Recently  I saw “The Emperor’s New Groove.”  A family friendly movie, following a young emperor’s epic quest to transform himself back into a human.

In this movie, Evil Advisor Yzma tries to poison selfish Emperor Kuzko. Accidentally turning him into a llama, Yzma will try to finish Kuzko off once and for all, while Kuzko is trying to turn human again. During all of this, Kuzko builds character and adopts a much friendlier personality.

This movie is voice acted to perfection. All of the voices fit their characters personalities perfectly, from screaming and talking to whining and yelling, all of the voices are lifelike and overall, one of the best voice acting jobs I’ve seen. David Spade, John Goodman, and Eartha Kitt, all did fabulous jobs on every single line.

There was only one problem I found with the entire movie… the story itself could’ve been longer. At just over an hour long, it’s what you would expect from a Pixar movie, but the studio still could’ve added in more and more detail with a longer story.

This movie is perfect for all ages. With a great storyline, intense action, and great humor to make even the most stubborn people laugh, the movie is great from toddlers to adults.

Overall this movie gets an 8/10, for being hilarious and entertaining. I would absolutely recommend this movie for anyone at all that’s  looking for a nice, relaxing, humorous film to watch.

Bridger Humphreys is an eighth grader at Red Oak Middle School. He enjoys playing football, mountain biking, and basketball.