Athlete of the week: Future “Pro” in our midst

by T.Hayes

Carter Lincoln (Eighth Grade)
Carter Lincoln shows off his first set of ribbons from early in this year’s track and field season

Thousands of students across Texas make the cut each year. They run the plays. They hike the ball. Yet, only a small fraction of these student athletes ever go “pro.” Carter plans to be one of the few.

Eighth grader Carter Lincoln is what you would call an “all-around athlete,”  having key roles on the ROMS football, basketball, and track teams.

Driven to succeed in athletics, Lincoln wants to join the ranks of professional football players, and not just for the money. “ It’s my favorite sport and it will just feel good to be a pro somewhere,” Lincoln explained. “Millions of people will see you play and see your talent and buy things for family.”

His  first encounter with football was when his mom asked him if he wanted to play football. Lincoln didn’t know what football was so he just said yes.  According to Lincoln it has been six or seven years since he started playing.

Lincoln would want to learn not just from the coaches at ROMS, but from  professional athletes.  He believes he would improve his athletic ability and would have a better chance to make it to the pros.

Lincoln devotes his free time to football while he could be doing other things, but he rather be training so he can make it to the NFL.

Among Lincoln’s goals are making it to the NFL, winning multiple Superbowl Championships and be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. “I want to do something that not any other NFL player that has never done,” Lincoln said.