Athlete of the week: She’s outside the ‘box’

T. Hayes , Sports Editor

Sports isn’t just for guys.  

Eighth grader Jahida  Johnson is a boxer, dancer, and  track and field athlete these are both outside of school. She wants to go professional with boxing and dancing.

”I like fighting because i’m very aggressive,” Johnson said. “I like dancing because I can take all of my emotions while I dance,” Johnson said.

“My father encouraged me to box and my mother encouraged me to dance,”Johnson said. Her mother used to dance and she was actually on her mom’s team “I just wanted to do {dancing} and it became fun for me,” Johnson said. Her father used to me a boxer and now serves in the military.

“My main goal is to become a successful dancer so I can be All-American.” she said. Johnson wants to visit other countries. She wants to go to college for dance at St. Austin, but she don’t know where she wants to go for boxing yet.  

 Johnson is one of a kind and proves, once again, that sports isn’t just for guys.