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This week, Kaila goes off-topic to deal with an issue that needs attention: Math class = stress

K. Ransom, Staff Writer/Graphic Designer

Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. My gorgeous, curly, jet black hair. Yes, it’s that stressful around here.

Just think about this: you’re struggling in your number one, absolute toughest class. You’ve been having hard times in this subject for years, and it’s kept you from being an A or B student.

You’re frustrated about the test results every time you worked your butt off. You’re stressed out because your parents want you to be an A – B student in order for you to have privilege of using the computer on the weekdays (school days).You’ve told your parents that’s all the effort you can manage, but they keep pushing for more. You give up, crying in frustration.

I know I might be dramatic about math, but all this is true.

Everyone (well NOT everyone, but most people)  has something they struggle with. I know it’s not just me — I’ve seen other people frustrated in the same class. The majority of the time it’s the people in the class who misbehave who make it harder for other people to learn.You have the same people in that class every year — you know the person, the one who got on your nerves several times. But there’s nothing you can do about it — you just deal with it.

My problem is that math gives me stress and some classmates drive me crazy. They ask countless questions, even when the teacher just answered them. I get annoyed because I think in my head, “you should’ve listened the first time.”

Some students don’t seem to take advantage of school. They’re not learning anything. They just talk the entire class period. Me? I AM trying to learn this math AND pass the eighth grade!  I tried giving my teacher some ideas to try when my classmates are out of control, but most of the time they don’t work. My classmates give me headaches by giving stupid answers on purpose (I’m not calling them stupid they – I know they did it on purpose).  For example “What is 7*9?” Classmate says: “23.”

I’ve been struggling in math since first grade! Seven years of struggling trying to bring this math grade up for years. My brother’s in sixth grade and he’s constantly bragging about about his math skills. “I’m better than you,” he declares, taunting me without the least bit of mercy.  “I have better opportunities than you,” he says, reminding me that he not only gets access to the computer every day of the week – but he gets treats, too! It’s gotten on my nerves for years. He doesn’t know how stressful math is.  

I’d rather not have an 11 year old tease me because of my grades, then use it to embarrass me in front of my parents. Seriously. I did do my math homework for easy 80’s or 90’s but most of the time i’m not lucky and make 60’s or lower. Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself about my grades that if i see a test grade lower than a 70 I rip it to shreds and throw it away in anger.

This year i’m trying very hard to pass the class and pass the STAAR( State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) test. Hopefully, I’ll pass the first time around and then have nothing to worry about until ninth grade. I get it – this may be dramatic. But I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.  

By the way, I do have a stress reliever (ice cream), but that’s another column altogether! Check back next week as we return to America’s Foreign Foods with Kaila!