Food Waste Increases as Junk Food Decreases By:Ariel Asher

Ariel Asher, Student

Food Waste Increases as Junk Food Decreases

By:Ariel Asher


As junk food decreases in many schools the rate of food waste increases as many children in middle school, high school and even smaller grades throw away healthy food given by the school-straight in the trash bin.


Through the years federal guidelines have requested for more healthier school lunches, however many children don’t tend to eat healthy and nutritious food. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information middle school students have consumed less than the required level of nutrition. In places such as Boston, middle schools students threw away an estimate of $432,349 of food, which is about 26.1% of the total food budget.

NCBI stated that student’s nutrition consumption quantity was lower than what the school lunch guidelines required for the students to needed kids starting at kindergarten through high school,for children to pay attention to their daily appetite and consume more healthy foods to maintain a stable and well-balanced body bursting with protein, and nutrition.

Fruits and veggies such as oranges, bananas, apples, salads have amazing impact on the human stated that oranges provide anti-oxidant protection and immune support. Even a glass of orange juice is more protective and beneficiary than Vitamin C itself. Oranges also can protect you from cardiovascular disease with no SIDE also said salads can do much more than sharpen your eyesight but fights breast cancer, reducing risks of diabetes and protects your heart.

If students focus on these foods and actually eat them we will have a stronger community and a wall protecting you from harmful diseases. Food waste can decrease as soon as you start eating these types of food!When students start realizing what they are supposed to eat and how it can have a good change on them,these kids might change.