Time to “show love”

C. Pena , Staff Writer

Get your candy and flowers – its that time of year! The day when you show affection to the ones you hold dear to your heart.

Every year we celebrate this to show you love someone. Valentine’s Day came from the Roman culture. But we celebrate  it here in america. Almost everyone in world celebrates this holiday. According to CNN.com, Americans spend an average of $130 on Valentine’s Day gifts. Americans spend a total of about $224 million on, and in preparation for, this day every year.

Jewelry, flowers, cards, teddy bears – or giant teddy bears –  chocolates and or candles. We spend a lot money for the people we say we “love” dearly. Some people go out for Valentines. Even if you can’t buy gifts, you still can show affection.

Not everyone likes Valentine’s Day. Some people think that it’s just a bad day. Take the country of Pakistan, for instance. According to a story reported by BBC Online,  the country’s highest courts issued an order “prohibiting all Valentine’s festivities in government offices.” They have even told their media not to promote or cover Valentine’s events. Whoa. Even Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain agrees that the holiday should be avoided.

Back here in America there are also people who do not not like Valentine’s Day. Their reasons may not be politically driven or religious. Some students have expressed their dislike for the “holiday” because they are alone or because they think that it waste of time and money.

That’s not really the purpose of this holiday.

Do or get something for your loved ones. But don’t do it just for that day.  Do it EVERY day.