Teachers, students can help decrease test stress

Every spring, Texas  middle school students have to take the STAAR test. Every year teachers prepare students for the STAAR. Every. Single. Year.

Students have been struggling to either learn or comprehend what they’re doing. Having stress and anxiety isn’t healthy — it increases rates of depression and suicides. According to Teenhelp.com, more than 68% of teens say stress comes from school work. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America claims that 56% of teens’ stress comes from parents.

In eighth grade (Texas) you must pass all core classes with a 70% or higher.This causes some students to develop stress and anxiety from school work and teachers constantly bringing up the STAAR testing. The stress and (anxiety) rates continue to increase throughout the year.

What could teachers do to reduce student stress about the state testing? Teachers should decrease the amount of homework they give to students. But students can also do something to help reduce their own stress: take stretch breaks and some rest after 10-15 minutes on the big state test.