Obesity Changes the World

Joey Madrid, Podcast/Editorial Writer

Imagine your life and your choices controlled by a doctor and their needle. People with health problems don’t need to imagine. Obesity is one of the leading factors in these health problems and it is affecting the world little by little.

Creeping into lives like a silent monster of emotional pain. Obesity can lead to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, osteoarthritis, and some some types of cancer. Obesity is different from being overweight. Overweight refers to the excess amounts of weight from bones, muscles, fat, and water. Obesity refers to eating past your daily intake.

Evan Wise, a 7th grader at Red Oak Middle School, said “being overweight didn’t seem as bad as the movies portrayed them to be, its alot easier than they make it out to be.”

He is not overweight but knows some people who are, this makes him experienced on the way they feel. He said that the reasons overweight people get picked on is because of all the jokes that come with being overweight.

Now let’s get a little bigger, let’s study the effects of the people around you, someone with more experience with this topic, an uncle. He says “the reason that obesity is spreading so fast is because of all the unhealthy foods we have been consuming over the past few years.” It is easy to pick on someone because they are different and don’t know how it feels. He says that if they decide it’s worth it then they should go and get the effects of obesity. These effects include diabetes, heart failure, and cancer.

What about the world, is it too big to be affected? According to Jacob Pierson, the Red Oak Middle School health teacher, that the world is facing big problems related to being overweight or obese.

 “We see the biggest reason being the food we eat or choose to buy at the store. Instead of buying fresh food that takes time to prepare we choose to buy the box dinner you can throw in the microwave or oven and call it a meal” he said.

According to Pierson, we can solve this problem is to have proper education and make the right choices for your body and mind. He also says that overweight people are typically outcasted because they are different and no one wants to associate themselves with someone like that.

The growing problems of obesity is overwhelming and very influential to people who really like food, so with the proper education we can learn to make a solution to this problem that is affecting so many people.