Teamwork tops coaches’ wish list for ROMS basketball season

Tiffany Hayes, Sports Reporter

By Tiffany Hayes

Last year’s  basketball team was not successful because of the way their skill on the court —  they more successful because they did the charity work at the Red Oak nursing home. Coach Christopher Walker’s main goal was to have the team be good men. He did this because he wanted the boys to be helpful on and off the court he wanted them to be great players.

This is Coach Jacob Pierson and Robert Winn’s first year at Red Oak ISD coaching  basketball but they do have ideas of what they want to do.

“We want to come in and change the culture a little bit,” Pierson said. Teamwork is good for the basketball team and there will be discipline for the ones that act out.

“Teamwork is our main focus because there isn’t a sport you play that you can’t win without teamwork,” Pierson said. He thinks that if everyone is on the same page then the team always has a chance at winning the game. Pierson believes this because of his experiences when played varsity football in his younger years.

Teamwork is not only for the team, but for the coaches as well. Robert Winn joined the ROMS coaching staff with the desire to bring unity to the basketball program.

Head Coach Winn wants to build off of what the others experienced from last year. “I want to get these guys to play as a team,” Winn said. Winn looked at last year’s status and observed that Red Oak had individuals not players.

“If we can turn around the middle school we can turn around the high school,” Winn said.