If ROMS Students Could Vote…


Zoe Elle

Students at ROMS expressed who they would vote for if given the chance to chose the path this country takes. Overall, students had similar feelings.

Ryan Pacheco, a 7th grade band and robotics club member, said he would vote for Clinton.

‘’I would vote for Hillary because Donald Trump has the wrong motives, and he needs to stick to business and not be a president,’’ Pacheco explained.

Pacheco had more ideas about things he wants to improve in the world. One idea was not to send the American troops to Afghanistan and work toward peace, so young boys do not need to get drafted. He also had strong feelings regarding the American borders.

“People need to be able to live and thrive where they want to go and go to school where or when they want to,” Pacheco said.

“I think this is the worst line up of the 21th century because both of the Candidates  have investigations that are happening. He also thinks that all people should have to pay taxes no matter who they are, whether it be the president or the teacher who work at schools . He thinks that President Obama has done a good two terms and he is going to be a remembered President”  

Due to the fact that he is the first black President of the United States and for legalizing gay and lesbian marriages he will always be remembered for his justice

Another student, 7th grader Kayla Wilson, said she would also vote for the democratic candidate.  

‘’I would definitely vote for Clinton, Donald Trump is a nut … he is a non-worthy president.”

Students who said they would vote for Trump claim the current criminal investigation against Clinton, their personal religious beliefs or family as the primary influences in their decision.

The kids of the present will one day chose our future, are they learning to make the right choices?