A Day in the Life of a ROMS Counselor


v holmesBeing the Red Oak Middle School 8th grade counselor, Vickie Holmes job isn’t easy. She spends all school hours as a loving guide and  helping hand to the 8th graders. Yet she comes home to find that her family, house and Heavenly Father occupy her time as well.

Despite all this, Holmes says that she never has the same day twice, just the way she likes it. 

“Before I got into education, I would get so bored because I don’t like routine, so I would be changing jobs every year,” Holmes said. “It was only until later that I got into education and then counseling.”

Each day brings something new for Holmes, and it all starts with her job.

“Some days I’ll come, and there isn’t anyone around…but usually someone is waiting for me, no matter what time I get [to school].”

Although the school day may be over, Holmes’ work-filled day is not. Her daughter, who is soon getting her driver’s licence, also needs her attention. Nevertheless, Holmes always has time for her.

“I think that family time is very important for anyone.” Holmes said.

But that’s not the only thing that’s on Holmes’ to-do list as she returns to her home. She is also taking an online class and is planning on receiving her master’s degree in ministry.

“I’m going to get my degree and let Him take me where he wants me to go.” Holmes said.