For Better or for Tech?


Rachel Asher and Isabel Pineda


This fall, the library at the Red Oak Middle School underwent renovations to help the students benefit from the different learning experiences.

With the new furniture, and added better technology, such as the touchscreen walls, iPads and better laptops the library is not a library anymore but a technology hub known as the learning commons.

Pat Daniels, the new librarian for Red Oak Middle School said, that technology is the norm for libraries these days.

“That’s the way of the world, technology, libraries are not set up like they used to be…now with having the smart tablets and devices, students will be able to come here and get updated information,” Daniels said.

Daniels also said that the books can be outdated, but with this technology it’s much more than just grabbing a book, it’s coming into a place where students and teachers can collaborate.

“Coming here, it’s more than just checking out books, it’s checking out devices, collaborating & just being in an environment where it’s just wireless,”

Because of the new furniture, instead of one, several different classes can go in there at once and use the library in a more different way. A result of the better learning environments around the school, the learning commons helps the students adapt to new learning skills.


Although many people like the changes some dislike the changes such as one student at Red Oak Middle school, Paulina Diaz. Diaz said she feels that it’s going to be different and not like it used t0 be.

“I mean, it kind of lost all the library look, so it’s never going to feel like a homey place where you can read, now it kind of feels like an office. Things change, so, what‘s done is done, so I guess I’m just going to have to live with it.” Diaz said

Even though not everyone agrees with the changes to the library it is more advanced for higher quality of education, and because of this, the library will be filled with curious kids more often.