Red Oak Student Hosts Bake Sale for Childhood Cancer

Red Oak Student Hosts Bake Sale for Childhood Cancer

Sarah Barnes

imageAnna Day, an 8th grader at Red Oak Middle School will host a bake sale on Sept. 24 at the Chick-fil-a in Waxahachie to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Her friends will run the bake sale. The bake sale will give 100 percent of its proceeds to Open Hands, Overflowing Hearts ,which is a non-profit organization that supports childhood cancer research.
Day decided to do the bake sale because her little sister was diagnosed with cancer. When her sister was diagnosed it peaked her interest to research childhood cancer and see what she could do to help.
Day said she learned that only 4 percent of the National Cancer Institute funding goes towards the more than 24 different types of childhood cancer.
“So I decided to start raising more money for childhood cancer,” Day said.
Day’s friends ,Jordan Lansdell And Katie Dever, have been helping Day raise money.
“I think it is really special that Anna is willing to raise money for her sister and a great cause, and it is not just going to her sister, but all kids with childhood cancer,” Dever said.

Red Oak plans to help save the lives of children by participating in different fundraisers such as bake sales and plays to aid in about childhood cancer. For example, the play one act production is doing on Nov. 4 of this year will benefit the help to aware the public
Come and support Day and her friends with their bake sale at Chick-fil-a. Remember attendants are helping find cures for childhood cancer

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