Last two weeks of school bring much-needed parties

Everyone thinks the whole school year is just about learning. But towards the end of the year, plans begin to change.


By the time the end of school year comes, you’re going to think all that work for the STAAR test was worth it. Because after all the testing, the parties begin to come. There is the Renaissance party, the STAAR party and the 8th graders have an 8th grade party.

These parties are for students who worked hard throughout the year. All the hard work did pay off. The teachers and staff would like to send us off on a good note to the next grade.

The Renaissance party, which is May 13, is for students who qualified for Renaissance at some point this semester. They had to have grades that averaged to 80 or above and very low absences or tardies. This party is hosted in the gym and on the football field and features sports, music, food and prizes.

The STAAR party is for all 7th and 8th grade students and features stations indoors and outdoors. This year, the party will take place May 16, and the 8th graders will go in the morning and the 7th graders will party in the afternoon. The stations are going to be outside on the football field and in the gym, where there will be an obstacle course and dancing. Students will have lunch with their regular 4th period class.

Lastly, there is an 8th grade party, which is set for May 20. Last year, when I was a 7th grader, the 8th graders went to Main Event. This year, the 8th grade students are taking a trip to the Cedar Canyon Dude Ranch. Basically, this party is to send the 8th graders off on a good note to high school.

I think it’s good to have all these parties, because after all the hard work we do throughout the year, we need a little break. To be able to get some fresh air and have fun with your friends is a good way to end the year. We should thank all the teachers and staff for giving us these opportunities.