Out with the old consoles … but were there some benefits?

New Generation (XBOX One, PS4, and newer PCs)

  1. Better graphics: We all know that the older games had worse graphics than modern consoles. They will beat any other console with 900p-1080p resolution.  
  2. Futuristic games: The new-gen consoles will suprise you with their futuristic games. These are games such as “Fallout 4,” “Black Ops 3” and “Advanced Warfare.”
  3. Better software: New-gen consoles, such as the Xbox One, have about a 350-600 gigabyte hard drive. Older consoles, such as the Xbox 360, has only a 50-350 gigabyte hard drive.

Old Generation (PS3, XBOX 360, and older)

  1. Price: The older games and consoles will cost a fraction of the cost of the new games and consoles.
  2. Retro Gaming: The older consoles, such as the Gamecube, SNES, and Wii, have older games such as “Mario,” “Sonic,” and “Pac-Man.” This will make you and your parents go into retro-gaming heaven
  3. More hackable software: Hacking can sometimes make the games much better while playing. People who have modified their games share their “mods” with a whole lobby of people. 
  4. More gaming possibilities: The newer consoles don’t have as many games as the old-gen consoles. The Xbox One and the PS4 do have some of the older gaming, but not all. The old-gen creators have made more games than any new console ever could.