VOICES: Don’t take friends, family for granted

Life is short and not everyone values it.

I have experience with this situation. My grandpa was sick for months with cirrhosis of the liver. I would barely take the time to go see him. I would always rather be at home or with my friends. Every day, my parents would go see him and each day it felt like he was getting worse.

We finally got a call and heard he started breathing slower. The next thing we knew, he had already passed away. I cried everyday because I realized that I was never there to spend time with him, and now I’m trying my hardest to start being there for my family before I regret everything.

If you don’t learn to appreciate the people and things in your life you may regret it.Because that one person or that one thing won’t be around for ever.Because you never know when the next time you going to see that person , or when they are going to see you again. They could hate you, or they just never want to see you again.

You will never know how important someone, or something will be to you. Listen to what that one person has to say,maybe it can change things you never know. If they are trying there best to help you through something then just listen.Do what’s best for you. If you see someone struggling always offer help, because what if one day you are in that position you would expect others to help you.

Do not take advantage of your friends and family. Especially family, because one moment you could be with them and then you leave to go do something else in that period of time something could go wrong.Spend as much time with family as you can . Everyday is a new day.

When you have friends, they are there for a reasons. They can be there to keep you out of trouble. They might even be there to defend you through some dumb things. Having friends is a privilege, because if you say something wrong, most of the time they will forgive you, or maybe they just will not talk to you anymore. But the ones that do accept you apology, then you need to know and understand that they are willing to be by your side every step of the way.

Be happy with the people you’re around, because not everyone or everything will be there forever. Look at other people’s experiences and see how that can affect you. Start spending more time with your family. Show your friends that you care about them, and that you will always be there when they need you. Do not take life for granted.