Keeping it real

The top reality TV shows ever

Reality shows play a big role in the television industry, and are a really addicting genre of shows. Out of all of the seemingly thousands of reality shows, here are the top ones.

Survivor: This TV show is all about its name and lives up to it. In it, they send in castaways from all types of jobs, from a former FBI agent to a doctor. In the end, someone is named “Sole Survivor” and receives a huge money prize. Your resources completely rely on the island they drop you off on. If you get extremely sick or decide not to play the game anymore, you are disqualified.

American Idol: “American Idol” is known worldwide and is a show where a lot of superstars are born, including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert and many more. The level of talent to appear in this show is pretty high, especially if you want to get to the last rounds.

Duck Dynasty: It’s about a bunch of old bearded men from Louisiana who sell duck callers and have their own TV show — at least at first glance. They are a hilarious family that makes television even more interesting. This TV show made a ton of money and was extremely popular during 2012. The “Dynasty” includes Willie, Phil, Korie, Uncle Si, and a few more family members. Their popularity started to decline a little around 2014, but their personalities keep the show going.

The Amazing Race: In “The Amazing Race,” you team up in pairs: it could be with your sister, friend, dad, or mom. Besides that, you have to complete many missions to get to the next one. Every time you complete a detour, roadblock, or a random task, it gives you a hint as to where to go to next. At the very end, if you complete the race in first place, then you get a huge reward of money and fame.

The Voice: Singers get to test their skills in this TV show, which boasts judges Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5), Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton. It starts with blind auditions; the judges don’t see what the singer looks like until they decide they are good enough to coach. In the end, there are duets (where one of the two is chosen to go home), though judges can steal a losing singer for their own team.