Student Council applications available for next year

Abigail Escanlar, News/features reporter

Students interested in running for next year’s student council can pick up applications from adviser Ruth Ryan beginning April 8.

“People should join student council because the school needs great leadership, and great leaders,” Ryan said.

Last school year, students chose Manuel Zamora as president, Miriam Rogowicz as vice president, Andrew Roland as secretary,  Tucker McMillion as treasurer and Briannah Nelson as store manager.

With each position comes responsibilities. A detailed rundown of those duties are as follows:

The president has to preside at all the meetings; will do all duties deemed necessary; coordinate the work and will represent Red Oak Middle School as president of the student body. The president is also in charge of public relations – prepare news releases, maintain the calendar, and initiate other public related services.

The vice president will assist to the president and will take position and duties of president when in absence or unable to perform duties.

The secretary will record all minutes of all meetings; record all attendance of meetings( including tardies); read the minutes of last meeting, and maintain a list of all committees and their chairperson(s) and members.

The treasurer will keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures of the student council and will do any or all tasks delegated by the president. Give treasury reports frequently at general meetings. Also, aide the vice president in fundraising.

The store manager will keep the inventory in the store and report to sponsor when stock needs to be reordered.

Applications can be picked up from Ryan in Room 213.