Top 5 best April Fool’s Day pranks ever

Hunter Fletcher, Quick reads reporter

5. The Galaxy Blade Edge: On April 1, 2015, Samsung announced their newest product, the Galaxy Blade Edge, describing it as “the world’s first smart knife with smartphone capabilities.” This prank was all about the fine-print — and was believable enough to leave many fooled. Check it out HERE.

4. Selfie Shoes by Miz Mooz: This was a 2015 April Fool’s prank played by the shoemaker Miz Mooz, where she announced a shoe that, well, takes a selfie. This is a good April Fool’s prank because of how real the commercial looked, which actually fooled people. See it HERE.

3. The dreaded Left-Handed Whopper from Burger King. “Everything is turned 90 degrees for the perfect left-handed experience,” the company announced in 1998. Amazingly, people actually tried to order this joke.

2. Ah, Google, what do I have to say? Last year, Youtube “added” an “add your own music” button to their video player. When people clicked it, it played snippets from Darude’s song, “Sandstorm,” or better known as … well listen HERE.

1. RickRolling: Do I even need an explanation? Maybe so …. watch a video explaining it HERE.