VOICES: Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

When it comes to her siblings, Micah Barrientos says life can get a little bit crazy

Micah Barrientos, Opinion writer


I have a stepsister named Stephanie, and we have a bond I think no one will understand.

We get along one minute; the next minute, we’re fighting. We fight over the littlest things ever.

Like I’ll ask, “Can I use your makeup?”



“Because,” she yells, “every time you use my makeup, I always see it messed up!”

“Whatever,” I yell back. “Don’t use my stuff then.”

Then a few minutes will pass, and we’re fine again, laughing like nothing even happened.

Then another day comes, and we’re fighting again.

It might sound weird, but I think that family stays close this way. No matter what happens, you always come back to each other. Everyone will have their ups and downs with a sibling, and that is OK.

Even though we are stepsisters, Stephanie and I see each other as blood sisters.

I also have another sister who I get along with, named Olivia. We have the closest bond ever.

When I spend time with her, we laugh and have good time; I go everywhere with her. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without her, even though we do fight sometimes.

The issues siblings have can be crazy. When you fight or have little conflict, you automatically say, “Oh, I’m never speaking to her/him again!” But in reality, you know you are.