Sandwich wars

The top 5 best places to go when you want something healthier than a burger and fries

Ryan Schwab, Entertainment reporter


Which Wich is superior when it comes to making  sandwiches. Which Wich is an American restaurant chain that specializes in making sandwiches and salads.



This is the place to get to choose anything you want on your sandwich. Mostly everything is a fresh food, as said in their motto “Eat Fresh.”


Since 1971, Schlotzsky’s has been serving delicious hot sandwiches. They are a cafe, deli and bakery all in one place.


Potbelly is the place to go if you want a big, meaty sandwich. They load your sandwich with meat and whatever side you choose. Potbelly will make you want to eat more sandwiches.


Jason’s Deli isa step up from sandwich shops like Subway. This is a place where you can choose anything you want with your sandwich, including chips, soups, salads, fruits and more.  They also serve wraps along with traditional sandwich styles.