Let’s band together

Students explore favorite elective at March 8 event

Mahala Higginbotham, Breaking News Editor

At the elective fair held yesterday for incoming 7th graders, students flooded the cafeteria, stopping by all of the stations, and lingering at the ones they felt spoke to them.

It definitely seemed that band spoke to everyone who stopped at the large maroon-and-white banner introducing in bold letters “Red Oak Hawk Band.”

“Everybody knows what the band is, and once they get in, they just don’t want to quit because they’re having so much fun,” band director Megan Czerwieski said.

Most of the students who stopped by the set-up were already in the beginner classes for band in 6th grade, and have chosen to continue in band.

“It’s really fun, and I like the teachers, and I love [to play] my instrument,” 6th grader Jasmine Yzaguirre said.

The reasons people join band and choose to stay in band are similar, and it all comes down to two explanations.

“Band sounded like a lot of fun, and it sounded like family,” 6th grader Grace Jones said.

Over the years, band has become one of the most popular electives in the school.

“I think once people get in, they’re hooked. They either get hooked on their instrument or their friends,” Czerwieski said.