Too much of a ‘good’ thing

Healthy cafeteria options lack taste

Randa Guthrie, Opinion writer

Although many want you to believe the food at Red Oak Middle School is nutritious and wholesome, it’s not, and it’s definitely not as healthy as what students eat at home. There are certain foods that students should not eat, but it’s almost like once the school finds out that something is the least bit unhealthy, it is automatically removed along with everything related to it.

Cafeteria food looks and tastes too fake for students to be eating it every day.

Last year, salt was removed from the cafeteria’s menu, causing the food to taste bland. It’s understandable that sodium isn’t good for us, but it wasn’t necessary to completely remove it. A small amount of sodium is okay, and students would be healthier because they would actually eat their food if the salt was brought back. If the salt continues to stay gone, students will likely start bringing their own packages of salt to school, as it has happened before.

When students buy lunch, they’re getting the “perfect serving sizes” put on their trays. That serving size is not very much food, so students are motivated to buy a bag of chips or some ice cream. All of the time spent in putting the perfect amount of food on a tray just went to waste because now the student is eating something worse than a few more chicken nuggets.

When the cafeteria options are unappetizing, it leads students to eat even more unhealthy, as they prefer to bring chips or candy from home. It’s time for the school to choose healthy options that still have enough taste for students to want to eat them.