Top 5 things to do over Spring Break

Michaela McDuffie, Quick reads reporter

Spring Break is just around the corner, but what do you plan on doing with that week? Here are five suggestions for how to spend your time:


Relaxing is the top thing on any teenager’s Spring Break to-do list. Everyone is excited to have a break because they don’t have to worry about the stress of school for a whole week.  For the first couple days, forget about the homework and just curl up on the couch and watch your favorite show or movie. Or you could just lay on your bed and create a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to that.

Take a vacation

Taking a vacation with the family or just your friends is always a good idea. Road trips are also good because you get to see the beautiful sites and can even catch up on some good conversations. Just because you can’t drive doesn’t mean you can’t ask a sibling or parent who has free time. Then the only thing you have to do is pick a place and go and have fun.

Have a movie marathon

Watching a movie with some of your closest friends is always fun. You can have everyone bring their favorite movie to watch, and since you won’t have to go to school the next morning , stay up late and watch them all. Just make sure you have plenty of popcorn and extra snacks because tired teens are hungry teens.

Friend Time

For teens, Spring Break is made for hanging out with friends.  You can go to the beach, curl up on the couch with your favorite shows or movies, go to the mall,or just chill at your friend’s house. Whatever you choose, just make sure everyone wants to do it and then go out of have fun.

Throw a party

Most people love to party, but why not throw your own? You can get your friends to help. You guys can split the work and the party can get done faster. Pick a place that is close so that everybody can get there. Also make sure that it is a place where everyone feels comfortable going.