Disney’s most adored

A look at students’ favorite characters

We surveyed random students about their favorite Disney characters. Here’s what they had to say:

Mickey Mouse

“He has a good personality.”
“He has a voice and is awesome.”

Minnie Mouse

“She is all nice and cute with her bow.”

Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”)

“She has such a kind heart.”

Aladdin (“Aladdin”)

“He’s an outlaw.”

Simba (“The Lion King”)

“He shows that being a leader is not all about the power, but [more] about the will to help others change for the better.”

Olaf (“Frozen”)

“He is hilarious, and the cutest character ever.”

Stitch (“Lilo & Stitch”)

“He’s cute and lovable, [as well as] the way he talks. He also likes to sip coffee from a baby bottle. My favorite quote from him is ‘Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.'”

Ariel (“The Little Mermaid”)

“She sings a lot of good songs.”


Rapunzel (“Tangled”)

“She never gives up.”