Mom’s surgery worries dad, daughter

Megan Horne, Personal podcaster

I’m in the middle of history class, making a poster about industrialization with my partner, Tino. Suddenly, I feel my phone vibrate. Knowing I’m not supposed to be on my phone, I sneak a peek and read the message.

“My surgery got moved to the 19th, which sucks since that’s dad’s bday.”

My mom is having surgery due to a kidney stone that was not able to be passed and grew over time. She then got an infection on the muscle by her kidney. For weeks, she had to take antibiotics through an IV, before surgery could be done.

We are not for sure if she will need to have her entire kidney removed, or just part of it.

Just a few months ago, she was passing out at work. First, the doctors thought it was anemia, which is a condition marked by a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in pale appearance and extreme tiredness. They also thought that it might be her heart. After the tests came back, they knew it was the infection caused by the kidney stone and scheduled the surgery.

Originally, my mom’s surgery was scheduled for Feb. 16, and it worried me that my mom might not make it to my choir performance on Feb. 18. Now I’m a bit happier knowing my mom will be there, but upset because of the surgery taking place on my dad’s birthday.

My dad works so hard, and I hate it that he won’t get to have a nice birthday with my mom. I can’t stand the thought of him having to spend the day in those uncomfortable waiting rooms, waiting to see her after the surgery. He deserves to have a happy birthday with his family, but instead he will be in a hospital, worrying and waiting.

My mom is nervous, too, because it’s a major surgery. Lately, I’ve been scared too, especially when it comes to disappointing my parents. I’m happy I’ve raised all my grades to at least B’s 80s so they can be proud. I know they have a lot on their shoulders with the surgery, and my grades don’t need to add to their stress.

Now we’re all just waiting — and hoping — that everything goes back to normal.