Tune in to these YouTube channels

Ashlee Davis, Quick Teads reporter


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his YouTube alias “PewDiePie,” is the person behind the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. He has a very distinct personality and video style, as he always adds various edits and effects to his videos and has a very random personality.

Mark Edward Fischbach, or “Markiplier”  on YouTube, is one of the more recognizable YouTubers. With his deep voice and all-around wacky let’s-plays, and his famous blue hair, you’re sure to recognize him in the crowd.

Seán William “Jack” McLoughlin, or “Jacksepticeye,” is one of the self-proclaimed, loudest YouTubers on YouTube. He has a very energetic style, and with his Irish accent, it makes him all the more unique to the YouTube crowd.


“Good Mythical Morning” is a talk show run by the iconic YouTubers Rhett and Link. The talk show discusses topics including the worst murderers, if you can escape a straitjacket, and does it taste good as eggnog. It is a comedic show, having its own signature touches and hilarity.

Smosh 2nd Channel is a channel that is, as it states, the second Smosh Channel. The main Smosh channel has the well-known Ian and Anthony, but this channel features the people who are behind the scenes and what they do.

AmazingPhil, better known with Danisnotonfire as Dan and Phil, is a vlog, challenge and personal-life channel featuring Philip “Phil” Lester. He is a 29-year-old man who is comedic and has a outgoing personality.


Yuya, a Spanish youtuber, is a beauty guru whose topics range from her daily makeup routine to how she decorates her room.

HowToBasic is a channel that is known for its eggs — literally. In each of this Youtuber’s videos, there is an egg thrown somewhere, along with many things stomped on, thrown, chopped, splattered, you name it, he’s probably done it to something.

MyLifeAsEva, a makeup and style channel on YouTube, features Eva Gutowski talking about her choice outfits, her daily makeup routine and her opinions on new styles that hit the stores.

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