The 10 most often used emojis

Michaela McDuffie, Quick reads reporter

We all love emojis and use them everyday, but have you ever wondered which emojis are used the most in the world? Here is the top 10 most-used emojis in the world.

imgresThe heart emoji tops the list by a longshot, with more than 342 million tweets. It is most commonly used to symbolize the love. For years, humans have associated the feeling of love with the red or pink heart.

imgres-1The joy face emoji has been featured in more than 278 million tweets and posts. It symbolizes the fact that the user is joyous or happy. The emoji is so happy that it is crying tears of joy from laughing too much.

imgres-2The unamused face emoji is a face that is definitely more of a grumpy, distressed look than a sad face. It can also be associated with someone who is bored, a friend being annoying, or just a plain eye roll.

imgres-3The relaxed face is an emoji that either just received good news or just has nothing to worry about. This emoji is most commonly used in Instagram posts. Regardless of the reason, everything about this emoji is relaxed.


The face with a stuck-out tongue and tightly closed eyes is mostly associated with when you tell your friend a joke and you weren’t serious, just playing around, or just plain laughing out loud.


The face that is throwing a kiss is mostly used to be friendly, but can also be used if you want to be mildly flirtatious. It has been used in over 173 million tweets and messages. If this emoji had hands, it would be called the “blowing a kiss” emoji.


The winking face is a happy little emoji. This emoji is the friend of all phones. It has been used in more than 100 million tweets.  It’s perfectly confident, loves to share jokes, and is just an encouraging soul.


The face screaming in fear is an emoji with white blank eyes and a screaming mouth. This face is definitely overwhelmed with fear, and it’s a great representation of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. This emoji has also been used in more than 90 million text messages.


The embarrassed face is a face that truly is embarrassed, with wide, alarmed eyes and blushed cheeks. It could be used when you are shaming some., you’re bashful or just flat-out embarrassed.


The face that is savoring delicious food is an emoji most commonly used when you are eating or just used to indicate silly happiness. It can also be associated with the hungry face or goofy emojis.