Man on the Street: Elementary students, teachers react to Shields destruction

Red Oak ISD students, staff discuss their thoughts about the new, temporary Donald T. Shields at Live Oak and what can be done to help teachers.

I think it was a tragic event, but I think our community will rise above and conquer, and that good things will come from it.”

— Robert Hampton, P.E. coach, Eastridge Elementary

Just support them emotionally and pray for them, and be there for them if they need help.”

— Suzy Keane, gifted & talented instructor at Eastridge, on how the district can help Shields

I think that we can support them with encouragement. I think they’re overwhelmed with all the volunteers, and so I think we can encourage them just through our prayers and through positive comments, [as well as a] good attitude.”

— Tracy Pitts, Fine Arts teacher at Eastridge, about supporting staff at Shields

They’re really big, not really what I expected them to look like, but they’re okay. [I pictured] like something broken down, way worse than this. I was kinda worried that wasn’t gonna have any more friends or classmates to play with.”

— Aedon McGinty, a 4th grader at Shields Elementary, about the new classrooms at the temporary Shields building on Live Oak

I like the new classrooms, they offer a lot of space for our students, some are smaller than others, but we were able to come in before the kids did and set up our classrooms to make them feel comfortable.”

— Lisa Ingram, resource teacher at Shields, about the setup at the temporary Shields building